Need a new cabinet or bookcase installed? Does the uneven dinner table legs creak every time you sit down to eat? Or is your broken door handle giving you endless trouble? 

Whatever be your carpentry needs, our expert carpentry team at Maintenance Plus is available 24/7 to resolve all your carpentry and furnishing concerns.

First thing first, let’s look at what kind of carpentry services are mostly in demand in Dubai homes. 

Let’s discuss a few services for which you may need to get in touch with a carpenter in Dubai


This comes in handy when you are moving into a new home or furnishing your property. 

If the furniture is bought already, you will need professional help from skilled handymen to relocate the furniture in your house and install it in your space. 

Moreover, if you hire the right carpenter who is an expert in his trade, they will design the storage and furniture to fully utilize every corner of the space available in your home or offices. 


Maybe you like things customized and designed specifically to suit your home decor! 

In that case, you might want your furniture to be made from scratch by highly-skilled expert carpenters that are masters in their craft. Normally, the more skilled a carpenter is, the smoother and more functional is the furniture he can create. 

At Maintenance Plus, we have a team of well-trained carpenters that are the best in their trade. 

Whether you need a new bookcase installed or a stylish, modern cabinet and stack of shelves – our carpenters at Maintenance Plus are experienced and skilled to furnish the best furniture for you that will seamlessly complement your home interior décor. 


The nitty gritty and minor troubles caused by faulty furniture in your daily life can upset all daily activities.  


  • your door comes off its  hinges every time you try to open it. Or the handle itself is broken. 
  • Or the squeaky noise your chairs make when you sit on them (which gets worse when you have guests over).
  • Or you have a broken bookshelf hanging from the wall that ruins the look of your interior space.

In the situations above, you require services of skilled and expert team of handymen to repair the minor defects without distorting the overall look and aesthetics of that furniture.

Furthermore, if the team is skilled enough, they can even provide carpentry services to repair and restore your existing woodwork. 


Do you own a piece of furniture that is close to your heart? One that holds a special meaning for you and you have a deeper attachment with it? 

Maybe it belonged to someone in your family ? Or maybe it is a piece of family heritage – one that was owned by your ancestors for generations? 

With time, even the most exquisite piece of furniture becomes old, dirty and slightly damaged. Especially if it’s antique furniture, the defects become hard to notice at first glance. 

Don’t worry. 

Our well-trained carpenters at Maintenance Plus have a keen eye for details and focused woodwork skills to restore the oldest piece of furniture in such a way that it regains its original shine and glory!

 Pitched as one of the best repair and maintenance companies in Dubai, Maintenance Plus provides you with the best carpentry repair and maintenance work. 

You can avail our exclusive maintenance package to get all-year-round carpentry services from the expert carpentry team of Maintenance Plus, who provides quick and efficient service with extreme attention to detail.  

For emergency repair work or installation/relocation work, call or Whatsapp now at 050 1843830. Our representatives will get back to you within 30 minutes.