Want a new look for your kitchen space? Is paint falling off your old wall which needs a second layer of putty and paint? Are you planning to paint your new office with some relaxing, eco-friendly shades? 

Whatever is your painting needs, our expert team of professional painters at Maintenance Plus is here to paint your space with some happy shades. 

In modern day – painting a house, residential complex or commercial/office space requires a lot of skill and finesse. This is almost impossible to achieve if you DIY or hire unskilled painters. 

This is why at Maintenance Plus, we have painting experts who not only do a fine job painting and provide excellent painting services in Dubai, they also go one step further by deciding which paint and colors to apply and other intricate details about décor and appearance which ammeters usually miss out.

Their keen eye to detail and deep understanding of décor enables them to figure out the ideal painting requirements for your home. 

Hence, if you want your interiors and exteriors to be painted to perfection by experts who know their job darn well, hiring our professional team of painters is the best way to go. 


Here are the painting services for which you might need professional help:

  • House painting services:

 Moving into a new apartment or villa in Dubai? Then you will require professional painters who can take up the job of painting all your spaces with shades that complement the interior and exterior décor. 

At Maintenance Plus, we have our team of in-house painters and painting consultants who provide quick and quality house painting services. 

You can ask all your painting-related questions to them and suggest which colors you want in your walls and spaces, before they start painting. 

Maybe you want to upgrade and repaint your old kitchen space? Or think the present shade is not looking good in your master bedroom? Or your daughter wants her room painted a pretty pink with princess-themed wall designs?

In such cases, you will need to hire skilled house painters to paint your personal spaces according to your likes. 

  • Commercial and Official Spaces Painting Services:

Want a soothing shade for your office that lends a professional yet relaxing vibe to it?

You may also think of adding some bright colors to your storefront so it stands out and appeals to both store visitors and onlookers? 

Whether it is your office working space like conference rooms or commercial buildings like hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets, our team of professional painters at Maintenance Plus are available 24/7 for any painting job you have in mind. 

We coordinate with you to schedule a proper working time which doesn’t disrupt and interfere with your daily working activities. 

We understand you might want the paint work to be done at wee hours of night or early morning – and we are fully comfortable with whichever time works best for you. 

We use the best quality paint that looks like new even after many years. Our well-trained painters use modern, mechanized tools and do a great job – from choosing the right shades to delivering the work of highest quality within a specific timeline. 

If you want painting services in Dubai all year round from our team of painters, we suggest you check out our Maintenance Packages that provides you with up to 4 painting sessions in a year.

Have emergency requirement of painters or need some quick painting work done immediately? Give us a call Whatsapp at 050 1843830 and we’ll get back to you within 30 minutes.