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No.1 Home & Building Maintenance Company in Dubai

“Maintenance plus is a one stop shop for villas, houses and building management and maintenance services”.

We are one of the best maintenance company leaders of all maintenance companies in Dubai. We provide the best building maintenance, villa maintenance and home maintenance services in Dubai.

We believe that the maintenance and repairs of your residential and commercial buildings should be off your already full plate. We know that you have more important things to do than worry about “the roof over your head”. Houses are compound man made object and can only tolerate by means of regular reinvestment’s in maintenance and alteration. Maintenance is required to maintain a building’s initial performance capacity. Without maintenance, performance will not meet the demand and ultimately will drop below the limit of acceptance of people. The tenure has great influence on the stance towards maintenance.

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No.1 Home & Building Maintenance Company in Dubai.

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No.1 Home & Building Maintenance Company in Dubai

Our maintenance and repair services cover both ad hock repairs and a scheduled maintenance program. We have great experience in managing the various maintenance tasks such as electrician, painting and wallpaper, carpenter, plumber, AC, handyman services, moving and packing. All plans are conceded out with full-time on-site control to guarantee as smooth and proficient process as possible. We keep the lines of communication always kept open between our site managers and residents. This way any issues that may happen can be sorted out on time.

The maintenance plus team provides services to the buildings maintenance, villas maintenance, and home maintenance, residential and commercial sectors throughout Dubai that are competent with all top maintenance companies in Dubai. We also work as villas Maintenance Company in Dubai. We have qualified and skilled electricians, painters, carpenters, plumbers and moving and packing staff, with teams who are able to undertake just about every service in the general maintenance Dubai.

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Our maintenance and repair services

Whether you require a building maintenance team in an emergency to repair a damaged structure or are planning to renovate your existing structure or home, maintenance plus have a team to assist you.

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We Covered Almost all Services

Services in Dubai

Best Maintenance Services in Dubai:

The best way to prevent unforeseen failures arising is to apply an ongoing building maintenance program to evaluate current conditions, identify critical defects in the building structure and analyze and review trends of dreadful conditions over time in flooring, pipes walls, ceilings, and electrical, helping prevent problems before they actually occur.

We provide both commercial and residential property maintenance services:

Commercial Property Maintenance:

Our commercial property maintenance services are available in Dubai. We focus on ensuring your properties are well maintained by a team of professionals, allowing you to get on with the job of running your business. We offer compulsion free rates so contact us to discuss your requirements.

No Customer is Too Big or Small for Maintenance Plus:

We also offer residential property maintenance services across Dubai. We will ensure your home is well maintained by a group of highly trained professionals. We offer obligation free competitive rates for all residential property maintenance and building repairs services. So, contact the maintenance plus company for further details.

Our home maintenance company is amongst the best home maintenance companies in Dubai. Whatever the size of your project, we aim to treat each customer as if they are our only client. After all, your house is your palace, and you have a right to anticipate the best. We operate throughout Dubai and surroundings, indoors or out and offer best general maintenance services in Dubai.


We are providing best maintenance services in Dubai. Our pricing reflects the quality and care of our work and we have nothing to conceal. We are here to help you from large housing complexes maintenance to villas maintenance in Dubai, apartment blocks maintenance, buildings maintenance and free-standing homes maintenance in Dubai.

Maintenance Plus can not only evaluate your composite and provide you with an up-to-date maintenance plan, but we are also able to estimate for all the necessary work perfectly so that you are able to budget accordingly.

Buildings / Villas / Homes Maintenance Company in Dubai:

Maintenance Plus was established in 2013 to offer high end building maintenance services, villas maintenance in Dubai and home maintenance services in Dubai. We are an independently owned organization. We have earned an excellent reputation in the domain of best home maintenance company in Dubai.

We Take Care of Every Nook and Corner of Your Property:

At maintenance plus we provide wide-ranging Property Maintenance Services at realistic prices throughout Dubai. We are the top maintenance company in Dubai that provides best home maintenance services in Dubai. Our experienced and expert fully trained professionals can efficiently carry out each and every task involved in Property Maintenance from Building Management to handyman or moving and packing, amongst others.

General Maintenance Dubai:

With a highly competent and steadfast team, we are always ready to offer tailor made maintenance programs catering to what you specifically require. We can handle both weekly as well as regular Property Maintenance tasks, completing both small jobs and large business projects with utmost sincerity.

Property Maintenance Services Provider in Dubai:

We provide high quality; customized facility management services that help our customers integrate and reorganize the maintenance operations of their property assets. Ourbunch of maintenance works in Dubai includes:

  • Building management and maintenance
  • Villas maintenance
  • House maintenance services
  • Wallpaper installation
  • Housekeeping services
  • Handyman services
  • Painting services
  • AC repair and maintenance services
  • Carpentry services
  • Electrician services
  • Plumbing services
  • Moving and packing
  • Any other specific tasks you might require

Maintenance Works in Dubai:

Maintenance plus provides a widespread assimilation of high-quality services to residential, commercial, industrial, and retail facilities. We provide a reliable maintenance and repairs service for all interior and exterior commercial work in Dubai. We cater to one off maintenance repairs or scheduled maintenance work and can help with building: plumbing, gardening and more. We have extensive work experience in villas, houses, high rises, apartments, schools, aged care and more. We take care of your Building’s sustainability, safety, and operations, compliance, and maintenance requirements, ensuring our customers are always in good hands.  We aim to convey the most efficient commercial maintenance and repairs service that caters uniquely to the way you manage your facility. We understand that each business operates differently, and people like to manage them accordingly, so there is no one box that fits all.

Best Home Maintenance Company in Dubai:

The use of the best home maintenance services company Dubai can make your life much easier by allowing you enjoy your home while we see to the details of maintaining it. We provide the best home maintenance services in Dubai. The advantages of choosing maintenance plus are as under:

  • We give our customers property maintenance and repair expert advice.
  • We offer timely support, and we are always responsive.
  • We have advanced tools and strategies.
  • We have safety minded, well trained, and friendly professionals.
  • We are your one stop shop for all your building and maintenance needs, including landscaping, carpentry and repair, electricity, and plumbing.
  • We offer world-class quality work.
  • We charge fair, flexible fees.
  • We provide end to end expedient service.

Each owner’s plan is customized to their own personal needs. Your plan normally includes the selection and oversight of a wide spectrum of services. So, we deliver a friendly, reliable, and professional maintenance service to customers all across Dubai.

Why Villas and Home Maintenance Services are Essential in Dubai:

Whether you are away from your home much of the time, or you are living there every day. Your home requires the servicing of normal maintenance around the home to keep all systems working at peak efficiency and safety.  An integral part of your home maintenance services can include changing air conditioning filters, cleaning dryer vents, keeping decks and sidewalks pressure washed, as well as exterior window cleaning and many more.

We are ready and able to oversee your home’s every need.  We will modify our plan to fit your exact needs and lifestyle.  We specialize in the care of high-end luxury homes and villas. We do not act as your General contractor, but as an experienced consultant, helping you in the maintenance of your home. We have local experience providing Dubai homeowners with the best home improvement services. All employees are screened, and a background check is required prior to stepping on your property.

As part of our luxury and high-end home maintenance services for homeowners in Dubai, we will take care of all your services, ranging from small repairs to larger projects.  We have the knowledge and experience to get your service and projects done correctly and make sure they meet State building codes, so you do not have the problems often associated with unlicensed maintenance work.  With our maintenance services program we will anticipate upcoming repairs and make you aware of your homes needs before they arrive.  All employees are screened as well as insured to protect you from liability.

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From electrical repairs and installations to plumbing and more, these services are provided to you by our skilled professionals who understand unique requirements.

We provide round-the-clock assistance for homeowners. Whether it's an electrical emergency, plumbing issue, or any other maintenance concern.

we have established a strong reputation in the industry. Our track record of satisfied customers speaks volumes about our commitment to delivering reliable and trusted home maintenance solutions.

Our competitive pricing ensures that homeowners receive excellent value for their money. We understand the importance of affordability, and we aim to provide cost-effective solutions

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