Are you moving into a new home in Dubai and need electrical set up installed right away? 

Is your family suffering from fuse blow out or short circuit in the late hours of night? 

Or is it a case of broken, ill-fitted wires at home with children around? 

Irrespective of your circumstance, count on our Maintenance Plus team of committed and friendly electricians in Dubai to take care of all your electrical needs in the shortest span of time. 

Let us now look at what electrical services are commonly required in Dubai homes.


If you have bought a property or are shifting base to a new home, you will need new, modernized electrical system installed at the earliest. 

With most homes having high-tech electrical sensors and other remote sensing technology installed nowadays, you can trust our team of electricians to get your modern and seamless electrical set up done in no time. 

With our efficient and quick service, we can ensure your house is fully wire-fitted before you move in. 


When owning an expensive property or residential complex 

in Dubai, security becomes a major concern. That said, with a wide range of modern electrical security systems available today, you can effortlessly say goodbye to your worries. 

Whether you want to upgrade your existing security system or install new CCTV systems, door entry systems and high-sensor alarm systems, our expert electricians have got you covered.


Faulty set up of wires often result in fuse blow up, short circuits and other electrical mishaps. 

That’s NOT all. If your electronic equipment and switchboard is set up using old wiring, it may result in unexpected power surge and high electricity bills. 

In these situations, you will need to hire an electrician in Dubai immediately, someone that can get your repair work done in no time to prevent things from getting worse. 


Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any space – be it your room, office space, entrance or outdoor area. It adds an element of design and aesthetics to the space. 

Thus, getting proper lighting fittings installed that goes with the space’s aesthetics and transforms its entire look and appeal is a must. 

Apart from lighting design, your property may also have faulty pre-installed lighting. 

A faulty lighting unit is dangerous. It can lead to unexpected incidents like shocks and even, at times, set off fires. 

Thus, you may need to avail service of trained and experienced electricians for emergency repair work to fix your lighting issues.


From time to time, various electrical gadgets and systems in your homes – like switchboard, fuse, inverter, hot water systems, electric stove – need an in-depth testing and diagnosis.

 This is to detect any faults or wiring defects. 

In case any electrical fault is detected, immediate repair work is necessary to resolve the issue to prevent further damage.


These are a few reasons why emergency electrical services are one of the most sought after emergency services in most homes and properties in Dubai. You get a number of options when looking for search terms such as ‘electrician near me’ online. However, getting reliable and trustworthy electricians in Dubai who can offer timely, effective service is rare. 

This is where Maintenance Plus comes in.

Our highly-skilled team of electric service providers is well trained to carry out any repair work and electrical maintenance procedures. 

 With Maintenance Plus, you can select the time and date of repair work depending on your convenience, and even check in on the work while it’s being done in real time. 

To be on the safe side, you can even get a full home check done to ensure everything including switch boards, all wirings, appliances, fans, lights and the main meter board are functioning normally.

For emergency electrical repair and maintenance services, reach out to us at 050 1843830

Our representatives will get back to you in less than 30 minutes. 

That’s how fast we attend our customers, which, in itself, is a benchmark in the industry.