Life can become pretty unbearable if your AC is giving you trouble. And if you’re in a place like Dubai which is generally hot and humid, it can cause havoc and interrupt any work you’re doing. 

And in case you need some repair work done on your air conditioning, finding a reliable maintenance company in Dubai fix it can become a real hassle. 

This is why here at Maintenance Plus, we provide emergency as well as year-round AC repair service to ensure your AC is working smoothly and efficiently. 

However, let us first look at why you need AC services at regular intervals in the first place.


It is very common for air conditioners to collect dust and debris on its filters over time. These clogged and dirty filters can block proper airflow in and out of your AC, leading to a number of problems as well as reducing the system’s overall efficiency. 

When the filters get completely blocked, you will often find hot air coming out of your AC. This is an indication it’s time for your AC to be serviced. However, we’d recommend you don’t wait until your filters are fully clogged up. 

A healthy AC needs to be serviced every few months at regular intervals in order to clean up the filters and ensure proper airflow.  


Two key components of your AC are the condenser and evaporator coils and they are not free from the wrath of dust and dirt. Over continued usage, these coils accumulate enough dust and dirt on their surfaces to slow down your AC’s functions, causing undue overheating in the system. Thus, they need regular cleaning and maintenance. 


Often times, the coolant inside your AC starts leaking. When this happens, the cooling capacity drops and your AC starts heating up. Thus, getting the coolant level checked from time to time becomes important and is, perhaps, an integral part of proper AC maintenance.


There can be a leakage happening right now from any of the pipes, and ducts inside your AC. To get this checked and to get any leaky ducts repaired and unclog the unit’s drain channels, your AC needs to be serviced from time to time. 


An overall inspection of your AC unit helps in checking all its components – thermostat, motor, compressor, fan, condenser, and evaporator unit – and how your AC is functioning.

If any fault is found in any of these components, a deep repair work is needed to restore the proper functioning of your unit. 

A faulty AC can mean endless hours in heat and sweat, and in some cases, humongous electric bills. 


At Maintenance Plus, our expert technicians are well-trained to find and fix any repair and maintenance issues with your AC. 

Here’s what they do 

  • Check the coolant levels inside your AC
  • Inspect and detect any refrigerant leaks
  • Collect any refrigerant and evacuate it from the system, instead of releasing it to the atmosphere (which is illegal)
  • Look for and seal any duct leakage in the central systems
  • Measure airflow in the evaporator coil
  • Inspect the heating and cooling systems of AC
  • Inspect electric terminals, clean and tighten connections, and apply a non-conductive coating if necessary
  • Check the AC thermostat

The best way to get the highest level of performance from your air conditioning is to ensure it is serviced at regular intervals. With our maintenance packages, you get plenty of such AC servicing sessions all year around. 

Call us or Whatsapp now at 050 1843830 and avail your package. 

For emergency AC repair service in Dubai, get in touch with us. Our Maintenance Plus representatives will get back to you within the next 30 minutes.