Do you have a broken pipe or shower in your washroom? Bothered by the leaking tap in your kitchen that’s been going off for the last few days? 

Are you suffering from a not-so-pretty blocked drain, clogged duct or corroded sink fixtures? 

It’s time to call up a quick and efficient plumber in Dubai who can use their handy plumbing skills to fix your problems. 

 Where do you find such handymen who can attend to your problems in the nick of time and resolve them quickly and effortlessly? 

You’ve come to the right place. 

Maintenance Plus boasts of most efficient team of handymen and plumbers in Dubai who pride themselves for their quick and efficient plumbing services with nearly 100% success rate in fixing your plumbing issues.

Let us first take a look at the common plumbing issues for which you may need emergency repair and maintenance services.

Here are a few examples: 


These are a common problem in most Dubai homes and residencies. Leaks can happen from – sinks, ceilings, floors, walls, showers – in your kitchen and bathroom area. They can wreck havoc in your daily lives and make a mess of your living space if not repaired urgently. 

Leaks can be found in different sizes. It’s usually found in massive ruptures that you are likely to not notice, to small pinhole leaks which may go for months without detection. 

This gives it a lot of time to completely rot out the adjoining areas with visible water damage, costing you in hundreds or at times even thousands of dollars in just repair costs. The best way to defend against these kinds of problems is with plumbing maintenance services at regular intervals. 


At the time of moving in or during renovation, you may require water heating or cooling systems installed in your newly furnished home. Same goes for your modular kitchen installation. 

These elaborate home set ups and installation procedures call for expert plumbing help from home maintenance companies in Dubai.

During installation, often previously installed faulty systems are also checked and upgraded to new, more efficient ones. 


If you have some kind of broken fixtures in your washroom, it can disrupt your daily activities and make life difficult. Broken areas in your wash basins and bidets need to be tended immediately or they may  malfunction. If the breakage is left as it is for a while, it can render the whole appliance defunct and compel you to buy new ones. 


Another major plumbing concern is if you have drains and pipes in your kitchen and washroom that are clogged up. These need to be cleaned periodically. Plus, the waste and garbage that gets stuck inside need to be unclogged and removed. 

Continual use can also put the surface of your dishwasher and kitchen sinks at risk of becoming corrosive and damaged. This comes with its own set of problems. Regular cleaning and maintenance servicing prevents such damages from occurring to your kitchen appliances. 

A few common signs that indicate plumbing issues are –

  • Unusual spike in monthly water bills
  • Strong odor of mold or mildew in kitchen and bathroom
  • Obvious cracks and corrosive damage in surface of appliances
  • Slow, faulty or malfunctioning of appliances
  • Leaks that are clearly visible
  • Accumulation of water in kitchen or bathroom floor

Plumbing issues can manifest at any time of the day. Thus, it is best to perform repair and maintenance services at regular intervals to ensure everything is functioning smoothly.

With our annual maintenance packages, you get up to 4 such plumbing services all year round from our expert handymen at Maintenance Plus.

If you have a plumbing emergency that needs to be looked at ASAP, call us or Whatsapp at 050 1843830 right away and we’ll get back to you in less than 30 minutes.